Why can't overseas developers launch products independently in China

China's market environment is extremely complex. because not only there is the policy of Licensing and a perplex environment of various channels, the Chinese users' specialties need to go through in-depth analysis of whether one's products will suit the target, to develop a reliable and complete distribution plan.


Why Yeahmobi?

Yeahmobi provides game developers services including game testing in key aspects, the conformity analysis to Chinese market, localization cost assessment, channel diversion recommendations, seed user growing strategy, detailed operational modifications and so on.

Why can't overseas developer independently apply for their mobile game (Chinese) license number?

Currently it is required for all mobile games that entered into the Chinese market via standard channels to obtain approval from State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television and the approval number issued for the publishing and operation of the game, to acquire the official Operating License in mainland China. Hence it is inconvenient for overseas developers to promote the game products into shops in China on their own, if no Chinese company with issued Game Release Qualification helps them apply on behalf of overseas developers.

Why choose us?

Yeahmobi can apply for the Launch Permit in mainland China on behalf of the customer's game products. After obtaining the Permit, the customer can then decide to launch independently or to work with (intermodal) agents.

Why can't overseas developers independently connect with Chinese channels?

Since Google services are not available in China, Google Play, the mainstream Android platform outside of China, actually cannot be used in China. If developers contact with the channels one by one and on their own, not only the cost of communication will rise significantly, but a large number of SDK access work will severely slow down the progress of the release.

Why choose us?

As the owner of a number of companies with issued Game Release Qualification in China, Yeahmobi is able to proceed with the whole process of application on behalf of the mobile game. If the product obtains a relatively high rating in Yeahmobi's internal assessment, this product will be delivered to Ali Game for the official agent distribution.

Why can't overseas developers evaluate costs of localization in China?

The enormous variety and complexity of Chinese culture are reflected in the game industry most vividly. A good question to ask here would be, “will the Chinese players with their particular gaming habits, well receive the gaming patterns and styles from abroad?” Thus it is difficult for overseas manufacturers to independently assess the effectiveness of detailed localization, so choosing a partner in China is most critical.

Why choose us?

Tailoring to the different needs of overseas game customers, Yeahmobi divides the entire localization process into different flexible parts. Yeahmobi will tailor to the customer's need and simply solve the key issuez for customer, offering the maximum support for the customer to launch in the Chinese market as soon as possible.

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