• Chinese mobile game market has

    developed over 100 billion.(Revenue)

  • China has surpassed the United States to

    become the world's largest gaming market.

About Yeahmobi

However, due to particularities of Chinese market policies, global developers find their products difficult to complete the promote process in Chinese region. The problems of license number, unstandardized Android market and operator's supervision have made overseas manufacturers and developers confused to get the essence of Chinese market.

How do we solve license code problems?

Yeahmobi offers a comprehensive background in quickly and effectively navigating the license certification process by leveraging the experience and knowledge of it's wide partner network: including companies Yeahmobi has invested in such as publisher/distributor TFjoy, ugMARS, and PocketRiver

How do we dock channels?

Yeahmobi maintains a good relationship of cooperation with 80% of the mainstream channels in the country, guaranteeing to give the maximum degree of free traffic leading tests and agent distribution consulting services to the best games.

How do we market?

Since founded in 2011, Yeahmobi has kept close interactions with major domestic media, and regularly publishes industry data analysis reports with head media. Yeahmobi has a strong voice to help overseas game developers effectively promote their products and showcase the character of high-quality products through front-line media in the market

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